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Thermasol Super Duty 240VAC Three Phase -600

Thermasol Super Duty 240VAC Three Phase -600

The SuperDuty Generator is ThermaSol's heavy duty, industrial grade unit that provides reliable steam for spaces ranging from 600-1600 cubic feet. It is a 100% Solid State CAN-bus Digital System and offers the largest number of features.


  • Generator can be plumbed up to 50 feet from steam room.
  • Unit Dimensions: 18”W x 21”D x 48”H
  • Easy Installation: Built-in rollers for easy maintenance and installation.
  • Optional NeverDown Generator:  The diagram to the left shows a typical commercial steam room configuration using ThermaSol’s SuperDuty generator. If generator A-1 needs service, it is easily unhooked and rolled out of the space and replaced with a second back-up generator (A-2) on the premises. The swap takes about 10 minutes.
  • Master Control: Start-up, shut down, standby temperature, room temperature, diagnostics, cleaning cycle; all controlled precisely to your club hours, 7 days per week.
  • Commercial Steamhead
  • Outside Room Timer: Activates steam session while SmartSteam™ keeps the room at your chosen standby setting, avoiding a cold start.
  • In-Room Temperature Sensor: Ultra durable billet construction.
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