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Finnleo Ukkotonttu Wood Burning Sauna Stove

Finnleo Ukkotonttu Wood Burning Sauna Stove

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Finnleo Ukkotonttu Wood Burning Sauna Stove, 14.4KW, 425-988 cu. ft., includes rocks and glass door

UKKOTONTTU belongs to the Tonttu family of sauna heaters conceived by renowned designer Ristomatti Ratia. With unique features such as its patented triple level flame circulation and heat restoring lid, UKKOTONTTU generates the ultimate climate for true sauna comfort.

At the same time, it impresses with its smooth conical exterior and cast-iron framed windows. Exclusive, beautiful and breathtakingly genuine.

Cast iron window

A standard feature, cast iron window of the highest quality ensures complete insulation, while at the same time offering a soothing view of the heating fire.

Relaxing by the fire

The pleasures of a wood burning sauna heater include knowing it will always deliver the even heat and climate of a genuine sauna experience.

Unique design

The Finnleo Ukkotonttu wood burning sauna stove is part of the RATIA collection, ensuring world-class design with the latest innovations and functionalities.

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