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Arkk Line

Arkk Line


The ARKK LINE benches are the ultimate luxury. Bringing together the simple sophistication of Scandinavian design and warm exclusivity of Western Red Cedar, ARKK LINE sets the tone for relaxation in style. Even the extra wide benches add to the feeling of pure comfort. Fibre-optic light styling lets you create the perfect atmosphere for indulgent relaxation. And decor options such as a floor-wide bottom bench let you integrate the heater, creating even more comfort space and ensuring the sauna is safe for children.

Interior construction Interior construction in 14 cm wide Western Red Cedar boards, a wood prized for its attractiveness and durability in sauna conditions. Tailor made solutions At request, tailor made solutions are available for sauna-wide bottom benches which create more room and lets you integrate the heater for maximum spaciousness. Extra-wide benches Minimally-styled, extra-wide benches combine comfort and aesthetics. Easy to install Fast production and delivery, easy to install. Fibre optic lighting Modern fibre optic lighting lets you create the atmosphere for genuine relaxation.