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Sauna Wood

If properly used and maintained, the wood in your Diamond Sauna & Steam-installed sauna will likely never need to be replaced.

The biggest part of building the best sauna is selecting the right wood. All of our saunas are made from the same material. Plainly, the wood species is consistent throughout each sauna. There is never mixing of woods.

The dimensional stability of our sauna wood is exceptional and thicker than mass-produced sauna woods. 95% of our sauna wood is vertical grain. Vertical grain wood expands less when heated and will not splinter like horizontally-grained wood.

How to Select Sauna Wood

  • Texture – How the wood feels to the touch
  • Grain – Vertical or horizontal
  • Color – We offer 7 different types of wood in a variety of shades.

Types of Sauna Wood


Alaska Yellow Cedar


Nordic White


Western Red Cedar